About Us


Vision & Mission Statements

Providing a world of hope and opportunity through partnerships with underserved youth and businesses, resulting in stronger communities.

  • To provide inspiration, support, professional development, and training to high school students with financial needs so they can obtain valuable internships in professional settings.
  • To provide life skills for our students and alumni through year-round programming to position them for improved educational and, ultimately, full-time employment opportunities.
  • To provide our business partners with access to motivated, well-trained, talented employees, and to foster diversity within the workplace.

The St. Louis Internship Program goal is to provide hope and opportunity for high school students in financial need through paid summer internships, intensive employability training, and year-round college and career planning, in partnership with businesses and community organizations, and to build the St. Louis community by developing motivated, well-trained, and talented future employees. Since 1992, 98% of 3,400 SLIP interns have successfully acquired employability skills.


The St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP) is a year round internship program designed to help youth from a financially disadvantaged background. SLIP pairs students from these backgrounds with companies in the community. Giving many of the students a once in a lifetime chance and opening them to a world of opportunity to them. SLIP students are high school sophomore and juniors who maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and qualify for free or reduced lunch. They also go through an intensive interview and training to ready the students for the work environment and other future endeavors. Students who successfully complete the program get placed in a paid eight week internship.

St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP) Background

  • Founded in 1992 in St. Louis, MO
  • Independent 501(c)(3), community-supported organization
  • Funded through program fees as well as contributions from corporations, individuals, foundations and community organizations
  • Committed to training future leaders and tax paying citizens in the St. Louis community and providing them with professional experience
  • Over 3,400 students have completed the SLIP program with over 98% of the interns graduating high school and going on to college or other post-secondary training
  • SLIP has been the recipient of a number of awards, including EMA Foundation School/Business Partnership Award co-sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, The American Bar Association (ABA) – Information America Partnership Award of Merit, St. Louis Social Ventures Partners (a program of the Regional Business Council) – Collaboration, Focus St. Louis’ What’s Right with the Region Award and many others


SLIP internships are much more than just summer jobs. Eight-week paid summer internships are preceded by a guided application process and rigorous work readiness training and followed by year-round college access activities. An intensive guided application process develops skills needed for college and job applications. In ten required Saturday training sessions prior to the internships, students set personal career goals and develop job seeking, work readiness, and practical office skills. Year-round college prep and career planning activities help interns access postsecondary education. Ongoing SLIP networks of peers and professionals provide support, role models, and networks for future jobs.

The long-term impact that SLIP, along with its collaborative partners, has on the lives of the youth and the community in which we live is powerful:

Economic Development

  • Through SLIP, hundreds of thousands of dollars from interns’ wages is injected into our community

Workforce Development

  • Through SLIP, the critical gap between our talented young people and the needs of our region’s work force is bridged
  • A follow-up with our graduates shows that a majority are employed, continuing their education or serving in our nation’s armed services

Professional and Personal Development

  • Through SLIP, internships, professional networks and college access/persistence activities help students realize their potential and options for the future and assist them in reaching their personal, educational, and professional goals

In addition to the paid internships, SLIP provides a variety of services including ACT prep, alumni support, and helps to find funding for college. The program has over 3,400 alumni of which 98% have gone on to post-secondary education. The program has been so successful that it has been modeled in 38 other cities. Join us as we continue to; open doors, open minds, and open eyes.