Dedicated Interships

If you or your organization doesn’t have an actual internship opportunity to offer one of our students, you can still contribute to the invaluable work of St. Louis Internship Program by creating a dedicated internship.

A Dedicated Internship is a 100% tax-deductible contribution which gives individuals and businesses the chance to fund a students participation in our program.

Generally speaking, these internships are established as a way for donors to pay tribute to individuals who have made a difference within their organization or community. These donors also have direct influence on whether the recipient is placed in a non-profit agency, established company or a cultural institution.

Our Dedicated Internship Program is just another way to support the mission and goals of our organization, allowing us to serve more students.

Dedicated Internships (Microsoft Word)


To learn more about how to establish one as a way to acknowledge someone you’d like to honor, click here.