Collaborating with the St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP) by sponsoring an intern for eight weeks during the summer is what a number of St. Louis companies do each year. We are asking you to join many other metropolitan St. Louis companies in employing an intern in the summer who will be well-trained, dressed appropriately and ready to work. SLIP students are selected from a pool of highly motivated students who go through intensive ten week training in professional etiquette, basic computer skills and more.

We are asking you to invest in SLIP students because they are an extraordinary resource for our city that is usually untapped. By joining other leading companies and organizations that hire our interns, you will:

  • Benefit from having an intelligent and motivated contributor in your office.
  • Have access to a diverse pool of outstanding talent – over 98% of SLIP students graduate and attend a postsecondary institution.
  • Reach out into the community and make a significant contribution to the development of future corporate and community leaders.
  • Have the opportunity to take advantage of our Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) tax credits; a 50% Missouri tax credit for wages paid to students.

As we embark on our 20th year, we are committed to providing a world of hope and opportunity through partnerships with underserved youth and businesses, resulting in stronger communities. Our objective is: to provide our business partners with access to motivated, well-trained, talented employees, and to foster diversity within the workplace.

Please contact Shanise Johnson at 314.371.7547 or by email to sjohnson@stlouisinternship.org to join other leading companies and organizations in making an investment in our future corporate and community leaders.

St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP)

  • Founded in 1992 in St. Louis, MO
  • Independent 501(c)(3), community-supported organization
  • Funded through program fees as well as contributions from corporations, individuals, foundations and community organizations
  • Committed to training future leaders and tax paying citizens in the St. Louis community and providing them with professional experience
  • Over 3,000 students have completed the SLIP program with over 98% of the interns graduating high school and going on to college or other post-secondary training programs
  • SLIP has been the recipient of a number of awards, including EMA Foundation School/Business Partnership Award co-sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, The American Bar Association (ABA) – Information America Partnership Award of Merit, St. Louis Social Ventures Partners (a program of the Regional Business Council) – Collaboration, and many others

Year-Round Program Model

  • Intensive application process including written application and oral interview with program staff
  • Eleven mandatory Saturday Training & Development Sessions that teaches students employability skills
  • Basic work readiness skills such as dress for success, professional etiquette, and interpersonal communication provide insight into professional work culture that students may not have experienced at home
  • Job seeking skills such as resume writing and interviewing skills help students see that acquiring professional positions can be possible
  • Practical work skills such as computer and office equipment operation give students tools they need to be effective in an office setting
  • Paid, eight-week internship in professional settings
  • Post-secondary planning activities including ACT Prep and field experiences to universities
  • Career field experiences to local businesses and leadership programs

Internship Objectives

  • Interns become acclimated with the office environment
  • Complete projects and assignments as designated by their supervisor
  • The internship program seeks to introduce students to the office environment and facilitate real working attributes, including an understanding of protocol, timeliness with project completion, and mastery in task execution