High School Alumni


The Health Care Internship Component (HCIC) will engage high school students in financial need in actively preparing for careers in health care, based on the St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP) proven year-round internship model. HCIC will focus on eight week, paid summer internships in health care settings. Before the internships, students will participate in quarterly health care field experiences to expand student understanding of health care professions and academic coaching to remedy academic deficiencies and build confidence. The students will also participate in SLIP’s year-round postsecondary planning and support activities and become part of ongoing peer and professional support networks.

The Patient Care Internship Component (PCIC) will prepare high school students in financial need for careers in nursing by integrating direct patient care skill development with the St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP) year-round internship model. Program design is based on SLIP’s proven year-round internship model combined with Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) patient care instruction. Participants will have completed a prior SLIP internship to ensure work readiness skills and the maturity required for patient care.

SLIP students who are summer interns at a law firm or law-related agency have the opportunity to engage in SLIP’s Mock Trial Institute. SLIP’s Mock Trial Institute is held in collaboration with the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis and allows interns the opportunity to prepare for trial and to try a civil or criminal case. During the Mock Trial Institute, SLIP interns are able to learn the process of a trial preceding, including courtroom demeanor, the application of specific laws, and general legal techniques. Interns learn a great deal about the law, which in turn, assists with the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the rule of law, the practice of law, the court system, and individuals’ rights and responsibilities under the law. The culminating activity for the Mock Trial Institute allows the students to try their case and compete against their fellow interns.