Our Mission

Since 1992, 98% of 4,000 SLIP interns have successfully acquired employability skills.

Providing a world of hope and opportunity through partnerships with underserved youth and businesses, resulting in stronger communities.

  • To provide inspiration, support, professional development, and training to high school students with financial needs so they can obtain valuable internships in professional settings.
  • To provide life skills for our students and alumni through year-round programming to position them for improved educational and, ultimately, full-time employment opportunities.
  • To provide our business partners with access to motivated, well-trained, talented employees, and to foster diversity within the workplace.

The St. Louis Internship Program goal is to provide hope and opportunity for high school students in financial need through paid summer internships, intensive employability training, and year-round college and career planning, in partnership with businesses and community organizations, and to build the St. Louis community by developing motivated, well-trained, and talented future employees.