Reflections from Employers


"My facility was fortunate to have Aska as a part of it for this length of time. She is very courteous and thoughtful in her speech. She is always at work early, setting an example for others. Her enthusiasm was infectious. She has a desire to learn and was able to tackle any and all assignments given to her. She dressed appropriately at all times. She has great leadership skills and was a joy to the department. We would love to have her return.”

"Alisha has helped us in so many areas this summer. She has a good work ethic as she arrives on time every day and starts working right away. She comes up with some real good questions. She has been a great intern for us.”

"Daisia is exceptionally bright, dependable, professional and extremely hard-working. These traits are rare in a young person her age. She is a highly motivated self-starter who takes initiative. She is well-liked by all of us, she is good-natured and very responsible. Daisia does not like to sit idle and asks for another assignment if she has finished her work. Daisia is always willing to perform any task given to her. She tackles difficult assignments in a responsible manner. Once she has been given a task, she can be trusted to finish the project in an efficient and timely manner. She is one of those people you know will be a success and you just know that someday you will hear about Daisia. So look out world because here she comes. Daisia will be a star that will shine. We are proud to know her and wish her great success. Because of her exceptional abilities and performance, we all will miss her and her smiling face."

"Zoryana is a very intelligent and pleasant young lady to work with. She’s very detailed oriented, efficient, and willing to work. She’s very competent and learns very quickly. We are proud to have her on our team this summer. Her enthusiasm to and for work is well appreciated. Her characteristics will take her far."

"Brittany is very confident and outspoken. I found her to be refreshing. The passion and compassion she had towards the Veterans is commendable. She was punctual and has great work ethics as evidenced by the work done. She was a joy for our veterans and staff."

"Deionna is very hard working and conscientious. She seemed eager to help out any way she could. She really did a wonderful job with us this summer and she will be missed. I think this young lady has a very bright future ahead of her!"

"Sidora has shown a genuine enthusiasm to learn from the start. She is a good listener and expresses her questions and ideas clearly. She has been able to complete the tasks assigned to her with very little direct supervision. I have found the work she has done here to be thorough and accurate. Sidora is pleasant and respectful. She has repeatedly taken the initiative to offer her assistance with various projects. She is off to a good start for a successful professional future."

"Caitlyn takes pride in every task delegated to her. She was professional in her attendance and her appearance every day. Caitlyn is very detailed and wanted to make sure her work was completed correctly. She was a valuable asset to our organization."