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You or your company may not have an internship opportunity to offer one of our students; however, you can still contribute to the invaluable work of St. Louis Internship Program by sponsoring an intern to work in a summer internship at another location through our Dedicated Internships.

A Dedicated Internship is a 100% tax-deductible contribution that gives a business or individual the opportunity to fund an intern’s participation, either in honor of, or in memory of someone to whom the organization would like to pay tribute.  Dedicated Internship contributions are eligible for Youth Opportunity Program (YOP) tax credits, which is a 50% Missouri state tax credit.

The Dedicated Internship Program was created to support the mission and goals of the St. Louis Internship Program by expanding our capacity to service more students. Dedicated internships provide job sites in public and nonprofit organizations that cannot afford to hire interns, thereby benefiting both the interns and the community.

The objective of the Dedicated Internship Program is to provide internships in public and nonprofit organizations that have work for student interns but cannot afford to hire them. Students learn about significant fields of endeavor such as the arts, healthcare, law enforcement, and legal services.

Community agencies benefit from extra help and the potential of skilled workers in the future. Students have the opportunity to give back to their communities, which helps them become more responsible citizens.

Please contact Shanise Johnson at 314.371.7547 or by email to sjohnson@stlouisinternship.org to make an investment in our future corporate and community leaders through our Dedicated Internships.