Student Pre-Employment Training

For over 20 years, SLIP has worked to unleash the talents of students who might otherwise settle for much less than their potential. The purpose of the Saturday Training and Development Component is to give students the skills they need to succeed in professional settings, both in their summer internships and in life. SLIP helps at risk students connect academics to the world of work, envision a future, complete high school, and prepare for postsecondary education. Students set goals for their futures; acquire job seeking, work readiness, and practical office skills; apply those skills in paid job site internships; plan for postsecondary education; and become part of ongoing SLIP peer and professional networks.

  • Ten mandatory Saturday Training & Development Sessions that teaches students employability skills in addition to orientation and placement workshops
  • Basic work readiness skills such as dress for success, professional etiquette and interpersonal communication provide insight into professional work culture
  • Job seeking skills such as resume writing and interviewing skills help students see that acquiring professional positions can be possible