Student Training

The purpose of the Saturday Training & Development Component is to give students the skills they need to succeed, both in a professional work setting in their summer internships and in life more generally. The Saturday Training & Development Component will consist of ten Saturday job readiness training workshops which students must complete before being assigned to an internship. All participants in SLIP are required to complete the training component. Topics for the trainings consist of a wide range of areas identified by both students and employers.

The Saturday Training sessions are rigorous and required. Students who do not meet training requirements are not assigned an internship.

  • Basic work readiness skills such as dress for success, professional etiquette, and interpersonal communication provide insight into professional work culture that students may not have experienced at home.
  • Job seeking skills such as resume writing and interviewing skills help students see that acquiring professional positions can be possible.
  • Practical work skills such as computer and office equipment operation give students tools they need to be effective in an office setting.