Tax Credits

What is a tax credit? A tax credit is a direct (dollar for dollar) reduction of the taxes you pay to the State of Missouri during a taxable year. You also take a regular deduction in calculating Federal income taxes.

We are proud to announce that the St. Louis Internship Program has received $125,000 in Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) tax credits for this year. You are eligible to receive Missouri personal and corporate income tax credits equal to 50% of any donation over $250 to the St. Louis Internship Program.

YOP tax credits were established to provide positive opportunities for youth to promote development and participation in community life. The Internship Program has proven, 16-year track record of making a difference in the lives of participants.

It’s a great way to ease your tax burden and it’s easy:

  1. Make a contribution of $250 or more.
  2. Complete the YOP Tax Credit application that will be mailed to you.
  3. Return it to the St. Louis Internship Program.

Question: Are stocks, bonds, or donated professional services eligible contributions?
Eligible Contributions:

  • Cash
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Materials, equipment, or property specifically used for the YOP project

Ineligible Contributions:

  • Labor and professional services,
  • Contributions to pay for fund raising activities, and
  • Used clothing.

Question: Is there a maximum amount a donor can contribute for YOP tax credits?
Yes. A donor may receive no more than $200,000 in YOP tax credits in one tax year for contributions made to one or more YOP approved projects.

Please invest in St. Louis City high school students by helping to provide summer jobs in professional settings through the St. Louis Internship Program.