SLIP Success Stories

[accordion_item title=”Dewonna Ferguson”]
I would like to say what a privilege it has been for me to work with Dewonna Ferguson during her internship at St. Luke’s Hospital, Pathology Department (summer of 2012).

I would like to tell her, as well as her Instructor, Counselors and Teachers, and especially her Parents and Family just what an amazing person she has already become in her short number of years. You must all give yourselves credit for this; we know it takes more than just a mom and/or a dad to raise a child, it takes a family, a school, and a community. But Dewonna deserves credit too; she knows what she wants, she has a goal and a plan, and is driven to achieve. With that mentality and her perseverance (and your love, guidance and support) she has an extremely bright future ahead of her!

Just so you know, Dewonna had barely 2 days of (very brief) office training before my coworker left on an 8-day vacation; so it was just Dewonna and myself during that time. I would not have (could not have) survived without her being here to help me. Today is the first day without her (since the program ended) and I already miss having her here!

While in Pathology Dewonna exhibited impeccable work ethics:

  • She was never absent and only tardy when the bus was late (not within her control);
  • She always let someone know where she was headed when she left the office area;
  • She was extremely respectful to all persons she spoke with and/or worked with;
  • She was quick in understanding and performing all tasks requested of her, and if she was unsure of herself, she did not hesitate to ask for clarification;
  • She asked for more work upon completion of jobs/tasks and no job was beneath her (some of our duties are rather mundane but we heard no complaints from her);
  • She cross-trained / helped-out / shadowed in other areas (lab tube room; sleep medicine) and she assisted her classmates when they shadowed in our office;
  • She completed the office work in a very efficient and timely manner – error free for that matter– we have not found a single task that was completed or filed by her incorrectly.

Dewonna is an amazing young woman; I hope she knows that! It has been my pleasure to get to know her. I hope that we were as helpful to her (in broadening her horizons) as she was at helping us.

Respectfully submitted,
Department of Pathology

[accordion_item title=”Olivia Huddleston-Boatman”]

I would like to once again thank you for all that you did for me and the other SLIP students last year. I am sure that you are beginning the Saturday sessions, and I wish you and Ms. Anderson the best of luck. I hope that you have a smooth and trouble free year. After all of the hard work that you and the entire SLIP staff put in, I am sure that the students this year will be just as prepared for the work world. Even in France I have used some of my SLIP skills. I have raved about this wonderful internship program in the United States. Now many in the French community would love to have a program like SLIP. Thank you again, and I hope that your work will continue for many years to come.


Olivia Huddleston-Boatman
SLIP Graduate 2010

[accordion_item title=”Devon Howard”]
You probably don’t remember me, but you were my facilitator during my tenure with St. Louis Internship Program. You’re obviously doing wonderful things with the program and I’m excited to see that you stuck with it throughout its growth! (love the new website) I have since gone on to graduate from Hampton University and am now employed at The Weather Channel. Thanks for that head start at building the network. It definitely laid the foundation to strive for success.

SLIP helped me tremendously and I am forever indebted to the program for giving me the confidence and the know-how to succeed in corporate America at such a young age. I was telling my younger cousin that he should definitely get involved. I’m wondering if there is any way he could volunteer over the summer to just get a feel for what he should be doing instead of lounging around lazily all summer.

Let me know. I’d love to hear about alumni opportunities to give back as well. Though I am currently residing Atlanta, I do come home to St. Louis very often.

Hope all is well. I look forward to your response!